Just a Quickie

This has very little to do with this post.
This has very little to do with this post.

Just a brief post to get my position down.

I stumbled upon Twilight Souls’ (Surely You’re Joking) C5.  After a few days of scouting them out, something terrible happens.  I’m jumping my bomber and scanner through a WH on the way back to the base C5 and as I jump my bomber through a wormhole it collapses instantly, leaving my scanner trapped on the other side. So now I am without probes in Surely You’re Joking’s C5.

What I do have is:
Max DPS fit Hound with target painter
4 EM bombs
200 torps
A bit of nanite paste

I can only catch them in non probable sites now, so my options:
Self destruct and get nothing. NOT HAPPENING!
Use my four bombs to disrupt their isk.  I’m just not sure if they are enough bombs to break their spirits.  I assume they have a decent stockpile as they are a well established WH alliance.

Final option, I noticed last time they awakened a sleeper site they left their noctis salvaging with only a devoter and various covert ops frigs for protection.  I could make just one large attack and attempt to kill the noctis next time it comes out before they kill me.


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